Beginners & Intermediate Courses Saturday March 24th 2018

Crowne Plaza Hotel
Blanchardstown, Dublin, Ireland
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Mar 24th
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Are you curious but afraid to buy Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies like Ripple or Ethereum? CoinTrain is offering a one day course that will help to clarify all these terms like AltCoin, Ethereum, Mining, Initial Coin Offerings, wallets and many more terms. We will give you the knowledge that will help you to make the right decisions when it comes to understanding CryptoCurrencies.

We will show you how to buy and sell CryptoCurrencies, how to send and receive them and how to set up a wallet. We will also take a look at some of the different CryptoCurrencies to understand what is different about them.The sessions are in a small group to ensure that your understanding is enough to help you understand how cryptocurrencies work. The course is designed for people who don't have a technical background but are used to using online Internet services.

How this course will help you

Facts and Figures

The world of Cryptourrencies is getting phenomenal attention from governments, banks, enterprises, investors, startups and many more. You will learn how CrytpoCurrencies will change our personal and business lives.

Learn all the Basics

Many foresee CryptoCurrencies as the future of money. Some countries are looking at introducing their own cryptocurrency. 
You will learn the terminology,  how to get involved in a safe, secure and educated manner, and get a review of the most common cryptocurrencies in existence.

Inevitable Changes

No matter what your interest, understanding this new technology will keep you ahead of the pack. Casual investors and business managers alike will benefit from the knowledge shared by the CoinTrain team.

What The Course Delivers

Just like you, the team here at CoinTrain were at one stage starting their journey with cryptocurrencies. We remember being cautious and taking lots of time to understand the whole environment. We want attendees on this course to learn the necessary basic skills around cryptocurrencies but also to install confidence in you to participate in this new world.

Basics of CryptoCurrencies

Lots of exciting terminology to be discussed and understand what each topic does in this new world

How the Technology Works

The basics of how cryptocurrency transaction actually happen

Buying & Selling Cryptocurrencies

There are many choices on wallets, exchanges, coins. A bit of knowledge goes a long way.

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